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Strengths of a Woman

I had intended on posting about saving money, this week, but I realized something that needed to be addressed sooner. 

[Don’t worry, I will still have the post about saving money next week!]  

The other day, I was being disrespected by a co-worker.  (Sadly, it is nothing new from her.  She is always trying to bring other women down.)  But, it made me realize something. 

We, as women, should be pulling each other up, not tearing each other down.   

We should be reminding women about their strengths and positive traits. 

Think about a woman in your life.  Tell her thoughtful words about her strengths and/or positive traits, and mean it with all your heart.

Tell her what a strong woman she is because of all the hard times that you have seen her push through.

Tell her that you admire her perseverance, because you watched her push forward through something most women wouldn’t.

Tell her you admire her huge heart, because you have seen what she does for others.

This is not about a “pat on the back”, this is about reminding women that they have truly been: strong, kind, loving, selfless, resilient, and so much more. 

We should take the time to lift each other up. 

Words have SO much power.  Especially when those words come from your heart.  And especially when those words are said for no other reason, but love and compassion for that person.

So, this week I challenge you.  Find 5 women to encourage.  Sing their praises, when they would least expect it, and see their reaction.  What, if any, change in their demeanor or day, does it make?  (Don’t tell them about the challenge, of course.)

Please comment here or on my Facebook page and share if and how you encourage another woman (or women) with words from your heart.  If you would like to share, what was their reaction when you did?   

Hope to hear from you and how you did on the challenge soon! 

Side note: As it does not snow here, in this part of Texas, I am sending you a picture of snow.  So, I hope you feel the “love” I send you!  (If we had snow I would totally be out in it drawing my own heart in the snow!)

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