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Don’t be discouraged

For this week’s post, I wanted to reference my new Positive Thought, the picture of a lock and keys.

Sometimes, we want to give up.  Why?  Well, we become discouraged when life seems too hard to handle.

Life isn’t easy.

If someone ever told you life was easy, they were lying.  Generally, most of us will have to work hard to reach our goals in life.

But, hard work is worth it.  Once you finally achieve the goal you were aiming for, you will look back and say, “It was worth ALL the hard work!”

It is almost insane how you have the ability to change your life if you work hard.

If you don’t want to stay at your current place of employment (no promotions available, no raise in sight, etc.), no problem.  You can update your resume and apply for another one!  Or you can start your own business and become your own boss!

If you don’t like where you live (too expensive in your area/city, rough neighborhood, etc.), no problem.  You can apply for another job (see previous paragraph) that pays much more.  You could also apply for a second job to add more income.  Another option is find new ways to save money on your bills and/or spending habits (see my post in two weeks 😉).

My point is, if you do the work, hard work, you CAN create your ideal life.

Of course, I understand not every circumstance can be immediately changed.  There will be phases in your life where change is not feasible.  This could be due to lack of financial means or even lack of time.

And that is OKAY!

But, remember you can work towards change when you have the means and/or time.

During this phase of your life, when no immediate change is in sight, please try to keep positive thoughts in the forefront of your mind.  Come and visit my Positive Thought page and see which thought rings true to you and your current situation.

Don’t be discouraged by the negative.

It is easy to tell yourself:  I can’t; There is no money; There is no time; That isn’t for me.

But, it is harder to say:  I can do this; I will find/make the money; I will find/make the time; This is for me.

I speak from experience when I say, it is easy to be discouraged by the negative.  So, please keep those thoughts positive and keep your head up.

YOU have the ability to change your circumstances, even if it isn’t at this moment.

And make sure to read my next post about how to save money!  Every little bit helps!


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ME Time

Since I was discussing Healthy Boundaries last week, I decided that I should also address something else equally important, ME time.

Now, this isn’t ONLY for mothers, this is for ALL women.

We should MAKE time for ourselves.  But, I know, between any (or all) of the following: work, kids, your partner/spouse, bills, grocery shopping, and washing clothes, you are thinking, “Where do I have time for ME?”

First, let me take a step back and explain a little.

If you would have suggested to me that I needed time for myself (Me Time) when I had my first child, I would have said something to the effect of, “Why do I need that?” or “I don’t have time for that.”.

But, NOW I completely understand why it is truly important to make time for YOU.

You may be any (or all) of the following:  an entrepreneur, an employee, a mother, a partner/spouse, a daughter, a chef (or short order cook, been one of those myself, LOL), a maid, a taxi driver.  I could go on, but you get the point.

Those are all important titles of what you are, but they require YOU to be in tip top shape to contribute ALL of your attention and energy.

So, I am asking you to start small.  Take 5 minutes (when the kids are napping, on your break at work, or even in the parking lot of the grocery store) and do something that relaxes or invigorates you.

Relaxing for you may be: reading a book, meditating, journaling, or yoga.  Find whatever relaxes YOU!

Invigorating for you may be: singing and/or dancing to your favorite song, exercising, or maybe watching a positive video.  Find what invigorates YOU!

Once you have spent 5 minutes relaxing, or being invigorated, you will not only feel better, but you will be more welcoming to others as you are in a better head space.

As I said, start small with 5 minutes.  You can work your way up to 30 minutes.  You will reap the benefits of being able to give more of yourself because you will feel renewed and reenergized.

I understand, from experience, that 30 minutes may sound unimaginable to you.  But, it really isn’t.

Once you start with those 5 minutes, you will feel the difference.  Try 10 minutes in a week or two, how does that feel?  Move to 20 minutes in another few weeks.  Before you know it, you will habitually set aside those 30 minutes for ME time.  How amazing will that feel?

You should make YOU a priority of your life.

Hope you take some time today for ME time!

Also, if you want a “pretty” journal, try this one from Amazon.

This is an affiliate link, but I will only recommend items I would actually use myself.  (I love journals, but please don’t ask how many I have!  Lol.)

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Are you a “helper”?

If you have been reading my recent posts, you know that I am a helper.  It is something that comes naturally to me.

Here is the only problem.  While helping people is a wonderful thing to do, you can’t help everyone. I know you might be thinking, “Well why not?”.

There will be times that you do not have the time/money/space for someone’s request.  And it is perfectly okay not to be able to help with their request.

I do NOT want you to “feel bad” when you say no.  Why not?

Here is what I have learned from personal experience about being a “helper”.

People learn to count on you, without ever thinking about it, or even giving it a second thought.  That sounds great, right?  Well, it is great that they consider you to be a trustworthy person that can be counted on.

But (come on you knew there was a but coming, lol), sometimes people ask for TOO much from you because they know you can deliver.  They don’t even consider if you have the time/money/space for their request in your life.

That is when I want you to say NO.

Of course, I am not asking you to be rude about it.  You could say something to the effect of, “While I would normally be ALL over (their request), right now I do not have the time (money/space) to help you.”

They need to understand that your time/money/space is valuable.

This all goes back to boundaries (which I will talk about in another post).  We need to set boundaries for ourselves.  This is not because we don’t want to help.  It isn’t even because we want to keep people at arm’s length.

The reason is: we value our own time and space.

Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE to help people.  But, I have overextended myself way too many times.  I say Yes, and then I am thinking, “Oh no, I don’t have the time for that!”.

I completely understand it is hard to say no to people.  It is especially hard when you are used to helping everyone all the time.

But, I value my time and space, so I say NO when I need to.  And I want you to do the same.

At the end of the day, this is about how much time/money/space I have left to help.  It isn’t about them and how much help they need.

If you set healthy boundaries with everyone from the start, this will never be a problem.  Now if you are like me and didn’t find this out early in life, it will be a challenge.  But, it will be worth it to start setting them now.

Set a new boundary (for your co-worker, friend, family) and stay firm if they try to cross it.  Yes, it will be hard at first, but they will learn what your boundaries are and not to cross them.

I know you can do it!

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Donations, Kindness, and Love

If you read my last post, I talked about how Hurricane Harvey gave me the motivation to donate.  So many people were displaced, so many people lost everything during this time.  I felt compelled to donate what I could.

Last weekend, I donated what I could, from clothes we were no longer using (we checked for stains, fading, and/or holes before it went in the donation pile), new clothes with tags (yes, we had those too), and essentials (shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrushes; I am a couponer and normally buy extras for us, but decided that they could benefit more from it than me).

It felt amazing to donate.  I was so happy to give to others.  I know how one small act of kindness can multiply.  Yes, I consider this one small act of kindness.  There were so many people that swam out to rescue people here in Houston.

Their kindness multiplied and people made chains to help reach people when the water was strong.  People were watching out for other people.  It was heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time.

The kindness and love was so amazing.

Now, unfortunately, another storm hit.  Hurricane Irma heavily impacted Florida.

If you have the ability help anyone, from either storm, or even someone in your community, please do.  Again, it does not have to be money.  I know that not everyone has a disposable income.  To help for either of these storms, people can donate their time.  Or if you are unable to donate your time, you can donate items, like I did.

My point is that we all become a better society when we help each other.  Of course, it is always better to continually help others, but again I know that it is not always possible to do that.

So, today take a step forward in a small act of kindness.  A simple smile, ask someone how they are doing today (and listen to their answer), or even giving someone a hug, who could really use it.

See how much better you can make someone’s day by one small act of kindness.

I will “see” you next time!

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