Well, it is that time again.  They will be back in school in a few weeks, or maybe they already started, but whoo hoo!  It’s time to get them back into the routine: going to sleep at X time (whatever time you have set for them during school days), waking up before 8 (lol), doing homework, etc.  Ah, the fun times of arguing about 5 more minutes of staying awake, or 5 more minutes of sleeping in the morning.

Time to buy school supplies, I stocked up today, love the great sales!  School clothes are different depending on where the child goes to school.  Will they require uniforms, are they allowed to wear anything (minus the short/tiny skirts, etc.), or is it a middle ground?

Oh, and the first day of school, I have always dreaded it.  I end up with homework!!  Now, who was the brilliant person that decided to say, we need the parents to fill out an information form for 6 different classes, plus one for the front office, and don’t forget one for the nurse!  Oh yay…she says while rolling her eyes.

But, before you know it it will be Thanksgiving break and Christmas vacation.  Time flies so fast.

Whatever grade your child will be starting this year, I wish them their best year ever!

Back to school

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