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Goals, Fear, and Belief

It’s “that” time of year again. The time when everyone talks about goals for the new year. They talk about how you can meet your goals.

The usual annual goals are brought up: improving your health, losing weight by exercising; starting a business, creating courses or starting a podcast.

So where does that bring your mind?

Do you think about what everyone else wants to do? Do you wonder how you can meet your own goals? Do you wonder if there is any way you can achieve any of the goals you plan for this year? Or do you feel overwhelmed by all the websites trying to “sell” you the “best way to meet and exceed your goals”?

Here is my truth, I have received countless emails selling programs for how to meet your goals, but I did not join or sign up.

Why not? Well, I have had many years that I have created goals (not only during the beginning of the year) and met them and even crushed them.  (And I know that many of them work, I am not discounting their ability to help you meet your goals.  My reasoning is because I know there are many women out there who are unable to afford them.  Plus, I know you have the ability to do this on your own.  Just keep reading 😉)

What happened then? Life. As much as I know what works for me, I have also found out what does not.

The most important thing for me, belief in myself.

What does not help, fear.

When I believe in myself, all things are possible.

That belief in myself is empowering. It helps me to meet and/or exceed my goals.

The problem is fear. It is so easy to lose the belief in yourself. Self-limiting belief is easy to see in the following situations.

You are trying to lose weight. You love food and are not really a fan of “exercising”. Then, you see a “skinny” girl eating a burger, fries, and a soda.

You are trying to find a better job. Your current job is “okay” but does not pay enough or is not satisfying or fill in the blank. Then, a friend tells you about a girl who had an amazing job basically handed to her.

You are trying to clean up your credit. You are making payments on your credit cards (or other bills) as much as you can but feel as if you are not getting enough traction. Then, your coworker tells you she finally got her credit score up to 800!

I know, I know, what the hell was my point?

My point is, yes if you were to see the situations from the outside looking in, they may seem as if they each arrived at their destination with no work involved. You think, “There is no way I can do that!”

Here is the problem with that frame of mind…you only know what you have seen/heard. You do not know their back story.

The first girl, she could have great genes which give her a high metabolism. Or it could be her cheat day!

The second, the girl could have been working herself to the bone at work and someone finally noticed. Or maybe she had applied and did not tell your friend.

The third girl could have been working for a year to get her credit score up there. Or maybe she already had a 750 and did a little more to push it 800.

My point is, not only do you not know the “whole story”, but isn’t your time better spent creating a better story for yourself?

Do not waste your time wondering about everyone else.

Work on you.

Make this year’s priority YOU!

Belief in yourself.

Wake up every day and tell yourself:

I am worthy.

I can do it.

I believe in me.

Is it going to be easy? Hell no.

Will the result be worth it? Hell yes!

Now take a breath and figure out what your first step to making YOU a priority.


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ME Time

Since I was discussing Healthy Boundaries last week, I decided that I should also address something else equally important, ME time.

Now, this isn’t ONLY for mothers, this is for ALL women.

We should MAKE time for ourselves.  But, I know, between any (or all) of the following: work, kids, your partner/spouse, bills, grocery shopping, and washing clothes, you are thinking, “Where do I have time for ME?”

First, let me take a step back and explain a little.

If you would have suggested to me that I needed time for myself (Me Time) when I had my first child, I would have said something to the effect of, “Why do I need that?” or “I don’t have time for that.”.

But, NOW I completely understand why it is truly important to make time for YOU.

You may be any (or all) of the following:  an entrepreneur, an employee, a mother, a partner/spouse, a daughter, a chef (or short order cook, been one of those myself, LOL), a maid, a taxi driver.  I could go on, but you get the point.

Those are all important titles of what you are, but they require YOU to be in tip top shape to contribute ALL of your attention and energy.

So, I am asking you to start small.  Take 5 minutes (when the kids are napping, on your break at work, or even in the parking lot of the grocery store) and do something that relaxes or invigorates you.

Relaxing for you may be: reading a book, meditating, journaling, or yoga.  Find whatever relaxes YOU!

Invigorating for you may be: singing and/or dancing to your favorite song, exercising, or maybe watching a positive video.  Find what invigorates YOU!

Once you have spent 5 minutes relaxing, or being invigorated, you will not only feel better, but you will be more welcoming to others as you are in a better head space.

As I said, start small with 5 minutes.  You can work your way up to 30 minutes.  You will reap the benefits of being able to give more of yourself because you will feel renewed and reenergized.

I understand, from experience, that 30 minutes may sound unimaginable to you.  But, it really isn’t.

Once you start with those 5 minutes, you will feel the difference.  Try 10 minutes in a week or two, how does that feel?  Move to 20 minutes in another few weeks.  Before you know it, you will habitually set aside those 30 minutes for ME time.  How amazing will that feel?

You should make YOU a priority of your life.

Hope you take some time today for ME time!

Also, if you want a “pretty” journal, try this one from Amazon.

This is an affiliate link, but I will only recommend items I would actually use myself.  (I love journals, but please don’t ask how many I have!  Lol.)

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