Hurricane Harvey hit South Texas, but we received most of the rain.  There was massive flooding and thousands of people were displaced from their homes.  Thankfully we were blessed and our part of town did not flood.

There are so many things to say about the hurricane, but I want this post to be about how it motivated me to donate.

We kept receiving text alerts about Tornado Warnings in our area.  In between those we received Flood Warnings.  I was in afraid water would start coming inside and we would not have time to pack. In a rush, we started packing “essentials”.  Laptops in trash bags, their cords in zip top bags, important paperwork in a waterproof suitcase, clothes, and bare necessities.

While packing, I realized that we have too much stuff.  We have so much stuff I had problems deciding what I considered important enough to pack.  Since this weekend is Labor Day, I decided to see what I have that is in good (or great) condition for donation.

There are so many people that have nothing, but the clothes on their backs.  Donating to them, is something that I am motivated to do because I want to be kind to those effected.

Kindness should be a part of us.  Kindness is something that I believe we should show our children.

A little back story, in 2011, a F5 tornado hit Joplin, Missouri.  It left so many people without anything.  Since I am a couponer, I had many extras, and then bought more with the intention of donating.  I remember telling my daughter that we had to help them.  She asked why, she was 7 at the time, and I said something to the effect, We should help people because we never know if one day WE will be in need.  If that day comes, we hope that there are people out there who will do the same as we are right now.

I want to keep showing my daughter that kindness is extremely important.  I want her to understand that we should help people, especially during extreme times.

I hope this post has motivated you to donate.  If it has, you can donate in your town/city.  There are women’s centers, homeless shelters, and food banks that would be happy to accept your donation(s).  Check your home to see what is not being used, or maybe never was used, and donate it to someone who would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you for reading!

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