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To Cyber Monday or Not to Cyber Monday?

Here is the truth, I have gone to “Black Friday” sales a whopping 2 times.  The first time was fine, but the second time someone pushed my Mom.  Um, not cool.  After that, I was ready to throw in the proverbial towel instead of worrying about saving money.  But, then Cyber Monday came along!

Now, I having been shopping, almost every year, on Cyber Monday.  I prefer the safety of my home and the relaxed feeling of perusing the virtual aisles.  Plus, I can take as long as I want to mull over an item without worrying someone will rip it from my hands.

The other great thing about Cyber Monday, is that most places will offer free shipping.

[Side note:  I have a real problem paying for shipping.  I have an Amazon Prime Membership which I LOVE!  I can buy almost anything with free shipping.  In case you are interested, Amazon Prime has a discounted monthly membership fee (see banner ad at the bottom of this post).  If you sign up through the banner ad below, I will receive a small commission.  But, I highly recommend Amazon Prime because I LOVE and USE it. (A lot more than I would like to admit, lol.)]

Cyber Monday started as the Monday after Black Friday.  But, stores are pushing daily in store sales (some are also offering the same prices online with free shipping) as early as the beginning of November.  Of course, their goal is to get as much of your money as possible.  Your goal is the opposite, well I hope it is the opposite. 😊

What sales are the best for you and your family?  Or what is it that you can afford to purchase right now?  Hopefully you are ahead of the curve and made your “gift list” a few months ago.  If not, start right now.  What gifts will you be buying?  Are there any that make the “Cyber” list, such as:  televisions, popular toys, blankets, or small appliances?  If so, start searching now because those are the items that will be on sale now through Cyber Monday.

Now, if you don’t have the money quite yet to shop Cyber Monday, I would suggest waiting until Friday, December 15th.  Why would I wait until December 15th?  That is FREE SHIPPING day!!  Whoo hoo!  Do you see my virtual confetti???  Lol 😀

There are literally 100s of stores that will be offering free shipping on that day.  Plus, there is NO minimum and you will receive your purchase by December 24th!!!!

My goal, for this article, is to help you save as much money as possible on Christmas gifts.  So, do your research for your gift list and decide if your items will be on sale during Cyber Monday sales.  If you must wait, be sure to shop on Friday, December 15th for free shipping with no minimum!!!

Hope that you can save a bundle on Cyber Monday or Free Shipping Day!

(Remember, if you click through the banner ad above, Amazon will give me a small commission.)

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How to save money on your bills and spending habits

There are so many ways to save money on your bills and spending habits.  I will only be touching on a few today.

Let’s start off with an easy bill, your cell phone.  We all have one, and most of us can’t live without it!  Are you on a plan?  If you are, call your cell provider and ask them if there is a cheaper plan.  Tell them you are thinking about switching to another provider.  (See this route below.)  Most of the time, they are willing to offer you a discount, either a different plan available or sometimes they will offer $20 off for being a great customer or longtime customer.

Either way, a savings of $20 a month, is $240 a year!  What could you do with an extra $240 a year?

Have you thought about changing cell providers?  Do your research!  Check all the other providers with great coverage in your area.  Yes, they ALL say they have the “best” coverage.  The reality is different parts of the country will have better coverage through one provider over another.  Ask friends, co-workers, or family, which provider they have and if they have any issues, big or small.  After doing your research, decide which provider would best suit your needs and see what they have available.  Do they have contracts or not?  Do they have a better plan or contract?  How much will you save?

After you try this with one bill, and create a monthly saving of $20 a month, for example, it will probably motivate you to want try this with the rest of your bills.

[By the way, if the sheer amount you could save in a year doesn’t motivate you to try, you could send me the $240 every year. 😉  Just kidding.]

Thankfully, now most cities allow you to choose your electricity.  Is there a cheaper provider in your area?  What are they rates per kilowatt?  What is their monthly fee, if they have one?  Do they have free weekends or nights?

Cable, if you have it, (I dropped cable years ago) you can call the other companies and see what specials they currently are running.

[I have been using Hulu for almost a year now, $11.99 a month with no commercials.  For a free 30 day trial, go through my link.  Disclosure:  I do receive a referral fee, if you sign up after the 30 days.  I love Hulu.  They have some of my favorite current (and old) shows.  Plus, I don’t have to watch commercials!]

Internet, is one thing I personally cannot live without.  I am under a contract, but I always call before the contract is up to see what “new” contracts are available to me.  Therefore, saving money every year.

Spending habits, well to me, these are so easy now, especially when you have a smart phone.  Figure out what you spend most on.  Is it fast food, eating out in general, groceries, or maybe a daily cup of coffee.  So many places now, have apps for their business/products.  You might even have already installed these apps on your phone.

What is the most important thing about those apps?  Using them, of course!

Don’t JUST download the app, use it to YOUR benefit.  See what benefits they have for not only using it, but using it often.  Maybe they have a “club” or a “reward” promotion within the app.

Yes, this means more research for you.  But, at the end of the day it can add to your savings for the year.  For example, let’s say you buy 6 cups of coffee per week.  If you use their app and it saves you $1 a cup.  How much would you possibly save per year?  $312!

Hopefully by now you are excited about how much money a few of these ideas could save you in a year 😉

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Are you a “helper”?

If you have been reading my recent posts, you know that I am a helper.  It is something that comes naturally to me.

Here is the only problem.  While helping people is a wonderful thing to do, you can’t help everyone. I know you might be thinking, “Well why not?”.

There will be times that you do not have the time/money/space for someone’s request.  And it is perfectly okay not to be able to help with their request.

I do NOT want you to “feel bad” when you say no.  Why not?

Here is what I have learned from personal experience about being a “helper”.

People learn to count on you, without ever thinking about it, or even giving it a second thought.  That sounds great, right?  Well, it is great that they consider you to be a trustworthy person that can be counted on.

But (come on you knew there was a but coming, lol), sometimes people ask for TOO much from you because they know you can deliver.  They don’t even consider if you have the time/money/space for their request in your life.

That is when I want you to say NO.

Of course, I am not asking you to be rude about it.  You could say something to the effect of, “While I would normally be ALL over (their request), right now I do not have the time (money/space) to help you.”

They need to understand that your time/money/space is valuable.

This all goes back to boundaries (which I will talk about in another post).  We need to set boundaries for ourselves.  This is not because we don’t want to help.  It isn’t even because we want to keep people at arm’s length.

The reason is: we value our own time and space.

Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE to help people.  But, I have overextended myself way too many times.  I say Yes, and then I am thinking, “Oh no, I don’t have the time for that!”.

I completely understand it is hard to say no to people.  It is especially hard when you are used to helping everyone all the time.

But, I value my time and space, so I say NO when I need to.  And I want you to do the same.

At the end of the day, this is about how much time/money/space I have left to help.  It isn’t about them and how much help they need.

If you set healthy boundaries with everyone from the start, this will never be a problem.  Now if you are like me and didn’t find this out early in life, it will be a challenge.  But, it will be worth it to start setting them now.

Set a new boundary (for your co-worker, friend, family) and stay firm if they try to cross it.  Yes, it will be hard at first, but they will learn what your boundaries are and not to cross them.

I know you can do it!

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