Hello again!  For us in Texas, we have one more week until school starts.  When I was in school, it started in September.  Now, school starts in the middle of August, or for some, late August.  It seems silly to me, why start school before Labor Day?  They go to school for a week or so and then have a 3 day weekend.   Makes no sense to me, but someone decided that it is the best choice.

Since it is only a week away, we are getting all of our “ducks in a row”.  I want more consistency this year, which of course requires planning.  Planning means I have to actually sit down and decide what the best choices are for us.  If you are a Type A person, then you have this already done, or already had a plan in place.  I am more of a Type AB.  Sometimes I have these things planned out and others…the plan is to fly by the seat of my pants!  Ha!

Thankfully I do have all of her school supplies, so that part of the plan is done!  Now to work on meals!  Figuring out meals that are quick, easy, and not full of sugar…not a small feat.  I will be checking out the millions of different recipes online.  It sounds daunting, but I will be able to start with our preferences and trim down the recipes to a manageable list.

It is almost time for school and I am almost ready, lol.

Hope you are ready for school!


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