Hey there!  My name is Lorena.  I have been a single Mom of two kids for a while (I won’t say how long, since I keep people thinking I am 29 😉 ).  Now it’s just my daughter and I.  I love to crack jokes and make people smile (got that gene from my Dad).  My Mom taught me how to be a “couponer” when I was little and I ran with it.  I love saving money and finding new ways to save.  You will see how I try to save money everywhere possible.

I have been through so much in my life, that I feel it is my duty to share my knowledge and experience with other women.  I won’t always discuss “Mom” stuff.  I will share insight about many different topics, for example, important things to check in your car, taking time for yourself, and how to save money on some of your bills.  I am well-versed in so many life events and want to help YOU with at least a few.

Hope you stick around to read my posts, see what new positive quotes I have added, what new printables I have created, and of course, my favorite…Free Stuff!

I can imagine you are wondering why I chose the picture above.  Well, I feel this is me…..information packed.  At times, I may need to take the dust off the books though! Lol